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"Really delicious durian cakes, with great variety! Highly-recomend for a special treat!"

"an ultra smooth durian puree made with pure mao shan wang flesh"

"ooey-gooey Dark Chocolate Fudge Drip Cake with mao Shan Wang 6" Core ($78) is a must-try"

"... excellent for sharing during a family gathering."

"Another highlight: 'SilkyGold' Mao Shan Wang paste"

"best know for it's durian infused cakes and patisseries"

"Whether it's for a special occasion or a birthday party, these amazing durian cakes make for a great dessert"

"layered with 100% premium mixture of Black Gold and Old Tree MSW"

Top 20 Best Durian Cake Ships in Singpaore 2022 Edition

"Your durian dessert with a pleasant twist!"

"Crepe cakes are so good looking that even the ones who have never tried cepe cakes before fall in love"

"a big favourite for birthday cakes!"

"SUPER GAO Handmade Durian Pastries & Cakes in Singapore! Delivery to You in 2 Hours!"

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Sanjeev Gupta

I was spoilt with choices when scrolling this site but ultimately decided to go for the Ice Cream Cake and it truly didn't disappoint! Perfect cake to go with the hot weather in SG! Would love to try their other selections! All their products seem delicious!

7 months ago
Sheena Yap

So yummy!!! Loved every single bite! Perfect cold treat for the hot weather!! I'm already craving for it now that I think about it! Gonna devour this cake on my cheat days!

7 months ago
Jun Yan Aw

Hands down my favorite Durian Cake ever!!! I love Ice Cream too so this cake was really the best of both worlds! Shared with my family and they all agreed that this cake is so damn good!!

7 months ago
Xin Ying Tan

this is my kryptonite!! my weakness. i simply cant say no to this ice cream cake!! gonna purchase it every year for my birthday 😋😋 even better if my friends or family would buy it for me 😆

7 months ago
Zach Teo

Design was cute with a blob of ice cream and cone on top with caramelized cookies! Taste wise, it was really delicious! Thought it was going to be too overwhelming, but no, it was perfect! Would love to try the other cakes and desserts next time!

7 months ago
Patty Ong Jia Xin

mmmmm i love it !! this cake is really damn good, damn shiok! even my mom who isnt a huge fan of cakes loved this one and finished the whole slice! will be coming back agn for more!

7 months ago
Tan Eng Choong

I bought this cake for my father's birthday and he devoured it. It was gone so fast!!! If you are still hesitating whether to buy or not, don't!! Just buy it! One bite and you just keep going back for more!!

7 months ago
Jovan Sng

I was so sad when this Ice cream cake went out of stock... and after such a long time, IT'S FINALLY BACK!! Love it so much and feels like it taste even better after it came back! Thank you to The Durian Bakery for bringing this back!

8 months ago

I bot this for my frd's bday. And all them said its soft, chewy and very nice! The bday girl even asked for the contact 🙂

11 months ago