MSW Durian Ice Cream Cake 1kg (Chef Recommended 🔥)

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What happens when ice cream falls onto a durian cake?
It becomes Durian Ice Cream Cake!

Come and try our delicious ice cream cake and enjoy the refreshing combination of Durian and Ice Cream.

The Mao Shan Wang Durian Ice Cream is glazed with a generous portion of Pure Canadian Maple Syrup and topped with the crumbs of Lotus Biscoff Biscuits to give the cake an extra crunch

To help balance the flavour of the cake, an ice cream cone worth (literally) of vanilla ice cream is dropped on top of the cake. The creaminess of the homemade vanilla ice cream and the richness of the durian ice cream goes together very well.

We probably have the best durian ice cream in Singapore. Come and try our durian ice cream recipe and find out what makes this durian ice cream cake so good.

Able to cut into 8 slices.

Net weight: around 1kg

Size: 7 inches

  No preservatives added, freshly baked

  Bakes limited cakes daily, till sold out

   2 Hours Delivery Available

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