Super Burst MSW Giant Puff (8 pcs) (MUST TRY!)

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Our Super Burst MSW Giant Puff is filled with 100% MSW!! Feel the burst with every bite!



Size: 8cm diameter
8 pieces per packaging
Net weight: 105g to 125g per pcs (damn solid!)

WARNING! Durian will ooze out with every bite!

Light airy choux puff pastry filled with a luscious and decadent durian filling that’s made using our MSW durian!

Guaranteed satisfaction for durian lovers – Pure silky durian with every bite!

  No preservatives added, freshly baked

  Bakes limited cakes daily, till sold out

Durian Intensity (3/3):

*Pictures are for illustration purposes only. The actual product may differ.
*Please order your delivery in advance as this product takes longer to thaw if you want the burst in your mouth effect!