Terrence LohTerrence Loh
02:20 11 Dec 23
Please get the MSW crepe. The durian is super gao and the whole family loves it so much! Just wish the portion is bigger as we couldn’t get enough of it! Definitely will come back to buy more of their products.
01:14 06 Dec 23
Taylor SeahTaylor Seah
04:28 02 Dec 23
Always wanted to try the Durian bakery and chanced upon a 20% Xmas promo! So impressed that they are prompt in answering my query and managed to do a same day delivery for my order. Chocolate MSW cake is delish! Sponge cake is soft, perfect balance of durian and chocolate taste. Have tried a lot of durian cake but theirs is the best so far! Appreciate the thank you card and follow up on the experience! Show these lovely folks your support, I know I’ll Be! 🙂
Xiangqin ChuaXiangqin Chua
09:00 29 Nov 23
The service is fast upon receiving the order.The cake is not so sweet, which I find is just nice. I like the cake size too. However, there's only one small size cake, which I think Durian Bakery should come out with more varieties.Overall, it's a must try for the durian lovers!
YS YanYS Yan
00:58 27 Nov 23
Cake was nice. Thanks for the free mochi also! 🙂
Purple TanPurple Tan
02:40 24 Nov 23
The durian puff is fantastic. It’s gigantic, has strong durian smell, filled with pure durian puree with no mixture of cream.
Tobias ChuTobias Chu
11:27 21 Nov 23
Got the Mao Shan Wang Mille crepe cake and it was soooooooo delicious. Would purchase again!
loh arielloh ariel
06:43 21 Nov 23
Hi! My father was very impressed by the cake! It was filled with durian meat and he loved it so much!
jeremy cheahjeremy cheah
06:36 21 Nov 23
The cake was great! Full of meaty durian, which goes so well with the chocolate!
Ryan CRyan C
13:50 15 Nov 23
Delivery was prompt and free durian mochi gift was much welcome. Customer service also followed up next days on the order if we have issues. The durian cake I ordered is fantastic and my family Loved! It. Strongly recommended!!!
Aaron ChaiAaron Chai
11:15 12 Nov 23
First time trying the durian puff from this shop and it’s sooooo good! The filling is very gao! The durian flesh very fibrous and rich + the puff is very airy. The durian puff a must try! Will definitely recommend to friends and family. Looking forward to get the other pastries!
Aloysius “Aloy” HoAloysius “Aloy” Ho
07:04 12 Nov 23
My parents loved the mao shan wang crepe cake and the delivery was super fast.
S.C. AngS.C. Ang
01:25 08 Nov 23
Ordered the durian cake, the black gold musang king durian mochi and the durian chocolate burst puff. Durian puree of cake is real durian and mochi is super soft 👍. My colleagues love them. The burst puff can be in smaller bite size. Those who likes chocolate might like this as it has lighter durian flavor than the other 2 items I ordered.
Guoliang YuGuoliang Yu
01:48 03 Nov 23
The durian cake is awesome! 👍🏼 delivery was between allocated time as well. Thanks so much for your help! We had a great birthday! 😊
Eugenia GenevieveEugenia Genevieve
11:56 22 Oct 23
We ordered the Mao Shan Wang cake, and it was very good!! The filling is made with real durian instead of durian cream. It was for my grandmother's birthday, and she's never a fan of durian products other than the original durian fruit, but she enjoyed the cake. 😁The complimentary durian Mochi was also really yummy!
Kate TeoKate Teo
10:53 19 Oct 23
Ordered the Premium MSW Bundle – MSW Mille Crepe + Burst MSW Giant Puffs for my boyfriend’s birthday celebration together with friends. We all loved the cake and puffs! It was extremely flavourful, fresh tasting and 100% pure durian puree(no cream added) between the layers. They even included some free Mochi with the order! 😍Would love to try the other cakes, pastries & desserts from Durian Bakery next time. 😊The BEST Durian Mille Crepe that we ever had~ Highly recommend!Photos & Video credited by k.ate_here
Jules CheuJules Cheu
14:56 24 Sep 23
Bought the Classic MSW Durian cake for a birthday celebration and my family enjoyed it. The durian puree paired with the vanilla sponge and white chocolate flakes goes well together and we liked that it was not too sweet.
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