Chateraise Cake Review

How to pronounce Chateraise? It’s Sha-To-Ray-Sze.

If you don’t know how to, you’re not the only one. I’ve been reading Cha-De-Raise for the longest time until today. Highly raved all over Singapore, what exactly is Chateraise famous for?

We followed the guide from 25 Cheapest Chateraise Cakes & Ice Cream from and we went to the nearest store to check them out.

We ended buying some of their best-selling cakes and desserts, here’s what we think you should definitely try!

Price chart of Chateraise Menu Items for you to refer to, credits to

TypeChateraise menu itemPrice
Ice creamChocolat Banana Ice Bar / Orange Pulp Ice Bar$0.80
Ice creamChocolat / Rum Raisin / Coffee Milk / Vanilla Milk / Chocolate Mint / Matcha / Strawberry Milk Ice Bar$1.20
DangoMitarashi Dango$1.20
Ice creamJersey Milk Ice Bar / Chocolate Bucky Chocolate Ice Cream$1.50
Ice creamYatsugatake Contracted Farmer Freshly Milked Monaka$1.50
Frozen jellyFrozen Jelly Grape / Mango$1.50
PastryBun of Fried Dough Cookies$1.60
PastryMochi Cream Matcha / Chocolate / Mont Blanc$1.70
CakeFluffy Clouds Chiffon / Fluffy Bouchee Kyoto Uji Matcha / Uji Matcha Bouchee$1.90
Cream puffDouble Fantasy Original / Coffee / Matcha / Chocolate$1.90
DorayakiFresh Cream Dorayaki$1.90
CakeFluffy Cream Roll Original$1.90
PastryBun Filled with Chestnut$2.10
Ice creamTaiyaki Ice Cream Vanilla$2.20
CakeFluffy Cream Roll Japanese Peach$2.20
Ice creamDeep Kyoto Uji Matcha Monaka$2.20
Ice creamSteamed Bun of Milk Ice Cream$2.20
Ice creamIce Macaron Berry / Caramel Macchiato / Pistachio$2.20
Ice creamHokkaido Butter / Belgium Chocolat Serve Ice Cream$2.20
Ice creamPurete Uji Matcha Ice Bar$2.50
DorayakiDorayaki Brown Sugar Syrup / Chestnuts / Butter$2.50
Frozen cakeHokkaido Fresh Cream Strawberry Shortcake$2.80
Ice creamFrom the Farm Ice Cream Madagascan Vanilla / Belgian Chocolate$3.50
Frozen cakeHokkaido Fermented Butter Cookie Sand Rum Raisin$4.20
ChocolateLa Pur Cube Matcha / Nama Chocolate$8.50


Special Strawberry Whole Cake (18cm for $55)

Strawberries cakes are the most underrated cakes. Strawberries would easily ‘sweat’ and spoil cream cakes. But Japanese always have a way to find creative solutions.

This cake is one of our favourite and it’s so light, fluffy, fragrant, and everything you want to taste in a refreshing strawberry cake. The sponge is so moist and soft that it melts in your mouth. The whipped cream has a fresh and milky flavor, and the amount of strawberries, both inside and outside is insanely generous!

If you want to try out their Chocolate based Strawberry Cake, a half-half option is available as well! 



Endless Party Ice Cream Cake (~18cm for $48.20)

Do you enjoy Chateraise’s Vanilla and Chocolate Chip ice cream? If yes, you must try this two-layered ice cream cake, wrapped with a handcrafted biscuit crust, holding all the ice cream goodness in place. 
Hands down one of the best ice cream cake we ever tasted! Downside is that the ice cream cakes melts really fast, so do expect the crust would be a little soggy within a short period of time.
But still, ice cream beats everything else and those decoration are absolutely adorable!



Double Fantasy Cream Puffs ($1.90 each)

What is good at Chateraise apart from whole cakes? Definitely the Double Fantasy Cream Puffs. It comes in three flavours, Original, Sweet & Milk Chocolate and Matcha Latte. 
We tried the Chocolate and Matcha one, and we absolutely love it! Light and dense, this puff is a must try.

Our Recommendation

If you’re looking for a fail-proof Japanese confectionary store or bakery. Chateraise will definitely be your best bet.
Chateraise has been around in Japan since 1954 and made their way to Singapore in 2015. They also have a total of more than 470 stores across Japan and Singapore! 
Talking about customers’ trust, just see how much their business has grown over the past few decades. The distinct character of their Japanese baking technique makes for exquisitely artistic pastries at affordable prices.
I mean, just look at the number of delightful cakes below! You’d definitely be spoiled for choices!


Other Common FAQs

How long can u keep Chateraise cake?
2-3 days
As storage conditions vary from each household, please consume products as soon as possible or to be kept in the refrigerator if not consumed immediately. Expiry date ranges from 2-3 days.
Is Chateraise from Japan?
Chateraise was founded in 1954 in Yamanashi Prefecture, west of Tokyo. In its early days, it was known for imagawa-yaki, a pancake like confection filled with sweet red-bean paste. Today it is one of the largest pastry chains in Japan, selling both Japanese and Western-style sweets, as well as bread.
Is Chateraise cake made in Japan?
Châteraisé is a patisserie from the Yamanashi Prefecture Japan (a land rich in nature), which collaborates with Japanese farmers to use high quality ingredients for their cakes and desserts. Their best seller is the “Legendary Strawberry Cream Cake” which boasts of light fresh cream and sweet strawberries.
Does Chateraise cake have alcohol?
Yes, they sell fruity alcohol. But there’s no alcohol cakes at the moment.
Is Chateraise halal or not?
Unfortunately no. They use animal gelatin and alcohol in some of their cakes/pastries. 
Does Chateraise have macarons?
Yes! From vanilla, to chocolate to matcha and raspberry, they pride for making their macarons with Spanish Marcona almond powder (expensive stuff!).

Can’t decide what to have? How about checking out our cakes menu here?


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