Burst MSW Giant Puff Set(8 pcs)


Our Super Burst MSW Giant Puff is filled with MSW SilkyGold™ Puree which is super Smooth & Delicious! A Light airy choux puff pastry filled with a luscious and decadent durian filling that’s made using our MSW durian! A must try for durian lovers:)

Quantity: 8pc/set

Durian Intensity (3/3):

Product Details

bowl-20clip-20art-mixing_bowl_white_xl.gif 648×603 pixels | Clipart blackand white, Clip art, Black and white Freshly Baked Guaranteed

  Comes with Signature SilkyGold™ Durian Puree

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*Cake sizes may very slightly as its handmade*

Storage Details
  • Store the cake in the refrigerator immediately upon receiving it, leave in the fridge until ready to cut!
  • Best consume within 1 day of the delivery
Delivery Details
  • Fast 2-4 hour Delivery
  • Free Delivery for orders above $100,
  • Self collection until 5pm daily at:
    15 Swan Lake Ave, Singapore 455711

 * No sudden change of address is allowed after dispatch of item. Delivery can only be attempt once due to the perishable nature of the cake (eg. Melt) *

*Pictures are for illustration purposes only. The actual product may differ.
*Please order your delivery in advance as this product takes longer to thaw if you want the burst in your mouth effect!

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