Breadtalk Cake Review

A single mouthful of the cake may transform your attitude and boost your day if you are sad or unhappy. It fulfills your sweet cravings while also allowing the brain to produce pleasure-enhancing chemicals, causing you to feel happier. In addition, cakes attract communities for celebrations and bring them lively on various occasions.

And who else to trust than the number one favourite bakery – Breadtalk. Breadtalk presense is literally everywhere, with more than 1000 outlets in 15 international markets, produces culinary magic for everyday recipes that you savour, uniting people with good taste around the world.

Featuring the Breadtalk most popular cakes which we’ve summarized and sorted by cakes distinctiveness, size and prices all in one table for you to make your best choice.



Order online for delivery right to your doorstep or hop over to any of their retail stores, most cakes here are Aaailable for purchase over counter except Berries Cheesecake which is exclusive online only.

Salted Caramel Cake

$24.60 for 4″

A chocolatey indulgence dressed in caramel glaze, with crunchy hazelnut feuilletine and dark chocolate mousse within its layers of chocolate chiffon.


(Signature and our favouite!)

$40.80 for 6″

$55.80 for 8″

Tropical bliss beckons you with a combination of mango and coconut mousse with mango jelly, which complements a citrus burst of fresh mango pineapple coulis between layers of chiffon.

Dark Forest Gateau


$40.80 for 6″

$55.80 for 8″

Darker than the typical Black Forest, the dark sweet cherries elevates the 70% dark chocolate mousse, while the slight sweetness and sourness of the cherry coulis cuts through layers of vanilla white chocolate cream.

Granite (Sesame)

Our new favorite, it features a Lavaish core!

$37.60 for 6″

Every bite will rock your mind! Made with 100% pure black sesame, this creation is an ensemble of black sesame mousse, vanilla chiffon, Oreo black sesame crumbs and a New York Cheesecake style layer.

Pretty Pink (Lychee Mousse)

$28.40 for 4″

Pretty Pink will surely charm you with a romantic blend of Lychee Mousse, Lychee Raspberry Mouse and Raspberry Rose Coulis.

Matcha no Keki

$38.80 for 6″

$48.80 for 8″

Aromatic layers of green tea chiffon and custard cream sandwiching red beans in the middle – perfect for a teatime treat.

Party Pink

(Strawberries & Rasperries)

$44.80 for 6″

This beautiful pink chiffon cake features layers of raspberry rose coulis and strawberry white chocolate cream topped with fresh strawberries and fresh blueberries.

Berries Cheesecake (Online Exclusive)

$44.80 for 18cm

Rich and dense New York cheesecake with a layer of crunchy Biscoff base. Topped with a selection of fresh fruits including grapes, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries.



$38.80 for 6″

$48.80 for 8″

This fluffy and light cake with fresh strawberries and blueberries is bound to start a party in your mouth!


Or if you’re looking for customized cakes, check out this collection put together by the Breadtalk magicians. Do note that cakes in this category has to be ordered at least 4 days in advance, earliest delivery is ~3 days after order placement.

For all the customized cakes here, you also get to choose between peach slices or chocolate chips fillings!

While they may offer customised cakes, the room for customisation is rather limited with only a choice of your preferred filling, depending on the cake of your choice. If you’re looking for more customisation options or popular character cakes, BreadTalk may not be the right option for you.

Choco Island

$64.80 for 6″

Delight in this chocolate covered treat! Classic chocolate drip cake topped with raspberries, blueberries and strawberries.

Ms. Violet

$64.80 for 6″

Calling all blueberries fans out there! Presenting this classy and sophisticated Ms Violet, prettily dressed with blueberries cream and topped with fresh blueberries.

Berries Paradise

$64.80 for 6″

It’s a fruity paradise! Classic drip cake with chocolate ganache finished with orange slices, raspberries and blueberries.

Beautiful Mermaid

$68.80 for 6″Live your fairy tale dream with these mermaid themed cakes. Are you a mermaid on the beach, under the sea or under the seashell arch?

Graceful Mermaid

$68.80 for 6″Or a pastel green mermaid cake?
Mermaid’s Dream

$68.80 for 6″

We can’t decide either!
Lovely in Pink$64.80 for 6″

Timeless and classic drip cakes will never go wrong!

Choose from 4 different colours, including a Hershey’s Chocolate cake that’s our all-time favourite!

Lovely in Blue$64.80 for 6″Maybe Blue?

Lovely in Purple

$64.80 for 6″

Maybe Purple?

Hershey’s Love

$64.80 for 6″

Timeless and classic drip cakes will never go wrong!

This defintely won our heart! It’s Hershey’s OMG.

Brilliant Blue Unicorn

$68.80 for 6″

Transport yourself to the fantasy world where unicorns and rainbows exists. 4 different “breeds” of unicorn, there’s bound to be one that connects with you!

Elegant Unicorn

$68.80 for 6″

Or a green-ish pinky unicorn?

Pastel Pop Unicorn

$68.80 for 6″

Paddlepop unicorn? Ah!!!!!!! We love it!

Unicorn Romance

$68.80 for 6″

Maybe leave this one for CNY horse year?







Placing Orders 

You can place your BreadTalk cake orders from GrabFood and Deliveroo using their websites or walking to their stores nearby. You should begin by going through their website to determine what type of BreadTalk cake products they offer. 

Check out how they look like and if you need any clarifications, reach out to them to answer questions. They will offer you customer satisfaction and this is true based on their customer reviews over the years.


When not close to a store offering BreadTalk cakes, your only option is to order it online and have it delivered to your doorstep. The good news is that when you order their cakes with over $30, they grant you free delivery to a specified destination. Anything less than that will incur a delivery fee of $5.

You can get their cakes delivered anytime between from 10am to 7pm daily, including public holidays too. However, they do not offer specific hour deliveries which may be a problem if you are planning a party. They also do not allow self-collections of your online order. So, if you really need a cake at a particular time, your best bet would be to go to one of their outlets and purchase it there. 

Customer Service

BreadTalk has flexible, helpful, and knowledgeable customer services. Their staff will offer you precise information about their cakes and try to cater to your needs. They try to change their products to suit your preferences, making them one of the best service providers to their customers.

Personally I have also frequent Breadtalk several times, the last for a beautiful Christmas themed log cake, the service was amazingly good. It was on a Christmas Eve afternoon, and there was only one lady serving the entire stall, from cashiering to packing work, but she still ensures that my cake was nicely and secured with a nice ribbon + bag while keeping a friendly smile serving each and every one of the customers, thanking them for their kind patience.

Payment Options 

You can place payments of getting BreadTalk cakes through PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discovery Diner’s Club, and JCB. You can also pay using cash at their stores.

Location: Multiple locations islandwide

Telephone: Differ according to outlet.




Operating Hours: Differ according to outlet.


Can’t decide what to have? How about checking out our cakes menu here?