Made in Truly Singapore

The Durian Bakery was created with one vision in mind, to create the

Richest Durian Experience.

Eternal Promise

between Chef Heng & his beloved late grandfather.

“To bring happiness and joy to people”

Pursuing Passion at Le Cordon Bleu

Chef Heng graduated from Le Cordon Bleu at 28 years old and went on to work for another 20 years as the Head Pâtissier of a reputable local hotel.

Like many chefs, his dream was to own a restaurant that he could bring his ideas to life and in turn bringing happiness and joy to people, through his delicacies.

But with dream and passion, it’s not enough to drive anyone in Singapore to start a business without a good sum of savings.

Laid Off & Mid-Life Crisis

Not to sound like an old chestnut, but in 2020, Covid-19 hits the hospitality industry badly and eventually, Chef Heng was being let go.

The only good thing was the fair severance package, that eventually serves as the starting capital of The Durian Bakery.

However, the biggest thing was facing an existential crisis after losing his job and losing a routine that lasted 20 years.

“What’s the purpose of life?”

Passion & Dedication

After having so much extra time on hand, Chef Heng started meeting his old friends to take his mind off the big “life purpose” quite.

And those casual long talks reminded him of the many familiar business ideologies, his grandfather, (a wise businessman) who always speaks of when he was still well and alive.

Being surrounded by passionate and dedicated chefs turned businessmen, he then started dedicating his time to create “happiness and joy to bring to people” by concocting a great blend of durian and cakes to gift to his families and friends.

Eventually, kind feedbacks got around and Chef Heng, The Durian Chef became a brand of it’s own and eventually the birth of The Durian Bakery.