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Signature SilkyGold
Durian Puree

Made with Grade-A Pahang durian, zero additives and blended through a special process to make it insanely creamy

Signature SilkyGoldDurian Puree

Made with Grade-A Pahang durian, with zero additives. Blended through a proprietary process for extra creaminess

Perfect for
Every Occassion

Be it showing appreciation to a loved one, celebrating an important day, or enjoying a delicious treat

Award-Winning Recipes

We constantly improve our recipes based on customer feedback. Ensuring you’ll only ever taste the very best at
The Durian Bakery

Box with gold trim for storing cakes

Same Day Delivery

All cakes & and pastries can be delivered within 2 hours after you have placed your order online


Media Features

"Really delicious durian cakes, with great variety! Highly-recomend for a special treat!"

"an ultra smooth durian puree made with pure mao shan wang flesh"

"ooey-gooey Dark Chocolate Fudge Drip Cake with mao Shan Wang 6" Core ($78) is a must-try"

"... excellent for sharing during a family gathering."

"Another highlight: 'SilkyGold' Mao Shan Wang paste"

"best know for it's durian infused cakes and patisseries"

"Whether it's for a special occasion or a birthday party, these amazing durian cakes make for a great dessert"

"layered with 100% premium mixture of Black Gold and Old Tree MSW"

Top 20 Best Durian Cake Ships in Singpaore 2022 Edition

"Your durian dessert with a pleasant twist!"

"Crepe cakes are so good looking that even the ones who have never tried cepe cakes before fall in love"

"a big favourite for birthday cakes!"

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Bought for Friend birthday. Taste was fantastic. Durian was kao kao. Friend told me this.

1 month ago
Image #1 from Ms. Loh
Ms. Loh

Back to office happiness! My colleagues bought me this really nice MSW Durian Cake, and it's so delicious and pretty!

1 month ago
Image #1 from Qing Qing
Qing Qing

This is the only photo I had. but seriously this cake is damn good. Technically it's not even cake, it's a huge block of solid durian ice cream.
I've never had any durian ice cream nicer than this one, seriously it's really really thick and strong. Never looking back, this will be my go-to durian ice cream!

2 months ago
Lawrence Khor

Saw the ad and the review and buy and share with friend and family. All the comments of the cake and puff is good.

2 months ago

The taste is good, for someone who doesn't like crepe/ cream, I'll say DELICIOUS!! Service provided is praise worthy, for the patience and explanation from the person in charge. Just a small hiccup in terms of communication, which caused some shocks and failed surprises, probably needs improvement on this.

2 months ago

Durian puff is nice, wiped out in a few minutes.

2 months ago
Lee Swee Hiong

Craving non stop! Tried once and damn addictive lah.

2 months ago
Katherine W

Delivery was prompt.

2 months ago
Hock Chye

Happy with the purchase. Friends love the MSW mochi and got your contact from me.

2 months ago

The Perfect Birthday Cake

The Durian Bakery takes pride in every single cake that is sent out – which is why we are a big favourite for birthday cakes! Each product is not only beautifully handcrafted and decorated, but you can also add an extra touch with our birthday cake accessories. Even if you can’t be there with your loved one, you can given them a pleasant surprise by choosing one of our delicious durian-flavoured cakes and having it delivered straight to their doorstep.

More Than Just Durian Cakes

We love to experiment with different flavours to discover the very best recipes in our pursuit of of the perfect product. Which is why we have one of the most exciting line-up of durian-flavoured cakes in Singapore.

Our urian-chocolate cake range is one of our most popular, consisting of the PURE Mao Shan Wang Durian Mille Crepe Cake, Dark Chocolate Fudge Drip Cake and Black Forest with Mao Shan Wang Core.

On top of that we have our creamy durian cheesecake range, from the Mao Shan Wang Cheesecake, to the MSW Oreo Ice Cream Cheese Cake, Mao Shan Wang Burnt Cheesecake. Regardless of what you try, you are guaranteed to find many flavours that will blow your mind!

What Makes The Durian Bakery the Best?

We don’t take shortcuts when it comes to baking the perfect cake. For us, it’s all about using the most premium ingredients we can. Which is why we only use Grade A Pahang Durian in every product.

So rest assured that the cakes you order are made of the very best ingredients. Be it mao shan wang durian, or pure dark chocolate, or hokkaido cheese. We’ll only ever use the best.

The next thing that sets us apart? Our recipes. Every month we expirement to try and upgrade our recipe, and make it even better than it was. We let about 50 random customers try our new variations, and if they score higher, they becomes the new standard – more delicious than the last. 

And last but not least, The Durian Bakery is proud to be one of the fastest online cake deliveries in Singapore – delivering within just one hour with our express delivery option.

Frequently Asked questions

What are the delivery options available?

We deliver islandwide daily.
Do check out our Islandwide Delivery section under More Information.

Do you accept international orders?

We do. But we only deliver within Singapore.
Do contact our customer service via Whatsapp at +65 8875 1069 if you require any assiatance.

Can you provide free shipping or waive my delivery charges?

Yes. All delivery charges are waived with a minimum spending of SGD 100.

What are the available time ranges for Normal Delivery?

Each delivery will be an allocated 4 hour time-slot. Last order cut-off at 5.30pm.

Are you able to deliver within a specified hour timeslot?

Yes, we offer an Island-Wide Specific Hour Delivery Service. Do select the option when you check out. 

How do I know if my order placed online is confirmed. 

You will receive an Order Confirmation Email with an attached invoice showing an Order Reference Number. 

Should we need any clarifications to your order, our Customer Service Team will reach out to you with the number you provided.